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                          The DLG Association is a top organization of the agricultural and                             nutritional industry. The DLG promotes the product quality of food based                             on neutral and mandatory quality standards. The “DLG Award” is only                             issued to food that has no sensory concerns and substantially meets the                             quality criteria of the GLD. This includes careful selection of raw                             materials as well as optimal processing and preparation. Only when a food product is much better than average will it get the bronze, silver or golden DLG Award.

In 2011, Hosta received 3 golden DLG Awards for the products Nippon, Mr. Tom and ROMY. The awards prove the high quality of the ingredients used, of the processing and of the taste experience. The awards are a stimulus for us to keep guaranteeing the highest degree of carefree enjoyment to our customers.

The unconditional enjoyment of our products by our customers is of utmost priority to us.

For this reason, quality control is one of our most important corporate divisions.

After determining the high quality of the ingredients, additional quality tests are carried out                                           in our Stimpfach factory. Only our laboratory management can                                           release the raw materials that will be processed to production.                                           During the course of the production process, samples are                                           regularly taken to make sure that the product meets strict                                           quality requirements and the special taste experience of our                                           products can be guaranteed.

To support a balanced diet, Hosta has been more product packaging with expanded nutritional information. Moreover, we indicate the daily nutritional values that a product supplies as percentages. All nutritional values given in our packaging are averages for orientation purposes.

                       The International Food Standard was defined by representatives of                         European food retailers in 2003 and serves the purpose of verifying the                         system certification, the guarantee of food safety as well as the quality                         and legality in the food production of private-label manufacturers. Apart                         from that, hygiene, packaging and traceability requirements are established.

As an IFS-certified business, Hosta meets the established requirements and keeps up every day with the ever stricter quality demands made on the food industry.

Our claim to quality for      unconditional indulgence!